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Membership is open to males and females of good moral character and reputation, at least eighteen years of age, who can prove lineal descent from a person who, in the timeframe prior to and including 1850 and within the territory that became the forty-eight contiguous states of the United States of America, contributed in one of the following categories:

  • A founding signer of a Covenant, doctrine, named in town minutes or referenced in historical documents as having met in faith or began a new house of worship in any faith.

  • Held membership within first year of founding or meeting.

  • Donated land or monies which were used to build a meeting place/building for worship.

  • Permitted property (land, home or building) to be used for the purposes of holding worship.

  • Circuit Rider and mobile Ministries, in which clergy traveled to more than one location to hold service.

Application Process

You’ll begin the process by reaching out to us via the contact form. The current NSFPW application must be completed by all applicants.

Names, dates, and places of birth, marriage and death must be given in each generation as far as known and sufficiently to prove the line. Each generation must be adequately connected to the preceding generation, consistent with standard genealogical practices. Family lore will not be accepted as proof of lineage nor will undocumented sources.

Verified applications of other lineage societies may be accepted at the discretion of the Society. Please mention if you plan to use a verified application at the time of your initial inquiry.

Membership and Fees

Only Lifetime Membership is offered, which eliminates annual membership renewals and insures against future membership dues increases.

Charter Members shall be those whose applications are approved and fees are received or postmarked on or before 1 April 2023. 

Regular Members shall be those whose applications are approved after 1 April 2023.

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