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The following ancestors have proven service in one of the categories listed for the Society, but this list is by no means inclusive. Additional ancestors continue to be proven, documented, and added to this list. If your ancestor is not found below, that does not mean you are not eligible for membership through that ancestor. If you are interested in documenting your lineage and joining our Society, please visit our Membership page for more information about the process or use the Contact link on the menu to reach out.

Adair, Joseph SC

Alden, John Mayflower

Aspinwall, William MA
Atkinson, Theodore MA

Ashton, Marie RI

Avroult, Piere RI

Bachiler, Reverend Stephen NH/MA

Bailey, Zachariah SC

Bankston, Lawrence NC
Barnard, Mary RI

Barney, Jacob MA
Belcher, Josiah MA
Belknap, Joseph MA

Bell, Zadock NC
Bernon, Gabriel RI

Bickel, Tobias PA

Binford, Huldah VA

Blankenbaker, Michael VA

Blount, Anthony RI
Brackett, Peter MA
Brattle, Thomas MA

Brewster, William Mayflower
Brinley, William RI

Brown, Abraham VA
Brown, Chad RI
Brown, Mrs. RI

Bruen, Obadiah NJ
Bulkely, Reverend Peter MA

Burr, Jehu CT

Calkins, Hugh CT
Carter, Edwin RI

Carter, Thomas MA

Chipman, John MA

Claiborne, William MD

Cleveland, Reverend John GA

Clifton, Thomas RI

Cogswell, William MA

Conner, Reverend Wilson GA
Cutter, George RI
Davis, Joseph MA

Davis, Walter NC
Davis, William MA
Dawes, Ambrose MA
Dawes, William MA
Dexter, Gregory RI
Dexter, Abigail (Fullerton) RI

Doughty, Reverend Frances, Jr. NY
Dudley, Governor Thomas MA

Dumas, Benjamin GA

Dungan, Reverend Thomas PA

Eischperger, Ruprecht GA

Eliot, Jacob MA

Farrar, William VA

Faust, Philip "Lebs" PA

Fitch, James CT

Forwood, Samuel MD
Fox, Thomas RI

Frary, John MA
Frary, Theophilus MA
Fullerton, Abigail (Dexter) RI
Gager, William MA
Gardner, Robert RI

Garrett, Ann (Owsley) SC

Gerrard, Reverend John VA

Gibbons, Dr. John DE
Gibbs, Benjamin MA

Gilbert, Matthew CT

Grant, Daniel GA
Graves, Thomas MA

Gorton, Samuel RI

Handy, Reverend Isaac W. K. MD/KY

Hatfield, Matthias NJ

Hayes, Enoch AL
Henkel/Henckel, Anthony Jacob PA

Henchman, Daniel MA

Herr, Bishop Hans PA
Hill, James MA

Hilleary, Thomas MD

Hobart, Peter MA
Holliman, Ezekiel RI
Hooker, Thomas CT

Hull, John MA

Hull, Joseph MA
Jackson, Jonathan MA

Jackson, Isaac MA
Johnson, Isaac MA

Johnson, Thomas GA
Jones, Reverend John MA

Ker, Walter NJ

Kingsbury, Joseph CT

Kingsley, John MA

Ledbetter, Henry SC

Leverich, William MA

Lewis, Evan PA 

Little, Joseph VT

Littlebridge, Thomas RI

Lothropp, John MA
Mallett, Thomas RI

Marks, Jane L. GA

Martin, Tyre MO

Mayo, Reverend John MA

Mays, Richard Johnson FL

Mellott, Sarah PA

Milam, Benjamin GA

Morton, George EN (Agent for the Mayflower)

Mousall, John MA

Mulkey, Jonathan TN

Murfree, Solomon AL

Names, John Ramsdell NY

Owsley, Ann (Garrett) SC

Paschal, Agnes (Brewer) GA

Perry, Obadiah NH

Peurifoy, Tillman Dixon FL

Phillips, Reverend George MA

Pleasants, John VA

Pool, John AL

Porter, William NC

Powell, Joseph PA

Prudden, Reverend Peter CT

Raynsford/Rainsford, Edward MA

Reed, Reverend Isaac TX

Reese, Reverend Joseph SC

Richardson, Ezekiel MA

Ridenour, David, Sr. OH

Schauer, Hans Michael PA

Sater, Henry MD

Shuey, Ephraim IL

Skelton, Samuel MA

Snead, Robert PA

Soule, George Mayflower

Study, Christian PA

Swann, Samuel NC

Thomson/Thompson, Reverend John NC

Wagg, John ME

Waldo, Edward CT

West, Isham IN

Wheelock, Ralph MA

White, David MA

Whitehill, David PA

Williams, Mary (Barnard) RI

Williams, Roger RI

Winton, John TN

Wilson, Samuel Blaine VA

Woolford, Stevens MD

Worley, James OH

Wyatt, Elijah AL

Youngs, John NY


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