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Honoring Our Ancestors

The National Society Founders of Places of Worship in America was founded in August 2022. Members are hereditary lineal descendants of those men and women who were determined to worship in their own faith, style and manner, even if it meant leaving their domicile and starting their own place of worship. Our focus is to honor the legacy of our religious ancestors spanning the years 1607 to 1850. Religious freedom was a tenet held by those willing to make this sacrifice and travel to a new and strange land. Their courage, commitment and fortitude are cherished and celebrated.

The Society is organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes with the object of promoting genealogical, educational, and historical research; and the preservation of history.

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The official Seal of the Society is an open circle with five gold circles, representing the strength in unity and symbolizing the spirit and resolve of our ancestors of all faiths in the pursuit of religious freedom. The inner ring of navy blue and outer lozenge of forest green represents the earth and it’s bounties, both outlined in gold.

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The insignia of the Society shall be that of an eight-pointed open lozenge of forest green outlined in gold, with tri-circle finials in gold on each point. The center emblem of the lozenge shall have an open field, with five interlocking circles in gold. The field shall be encircled in a band of navy blue, outlined in gold, with the name of the organization, National Society Founders of Places of Worship in America. Any regular Life Member may wear the insignia of the Society.

Our Founders

The National Society of Founders of Places of Worship in America was founded by Karen Markey Janczy, Deanna Gorzynski Lutz, and Deborah W. Hicks.

The Founding Officers

President General
Karen Markey Janczy
First Vice President General
Anne Caussin Henninger
Second Vice President General
Sumner Hunnewell
Chaplain General
Barbara Greeley
Treasurer General
Douglass Mather "Tim" Mabee
Secretary General
Deanna Gorzynski Lutz
Chancellor General
Deborah W. Hicks
Registrar General
Laura Tonkin Allen
Historian General
Beverly Markey Gentry
Nicki Birch
Michael P. Schenk
Sharyn Kelley "Shari" Worrell
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